Wes Anderson is the new Tim Burton

Sorry folks, it’s true. Having just seen Moonrise Kingdom, I’m of the opinion that Wes Anderson is the new Tim Burton. Allow me to draw some sad, disappointing parallels:

Tim Burton Wes Anderson
Pale protagonist with dark eye makeup. Precocious outcast boy.
Pale romantic lead with dark eye makeup who’s trying to fix/save the protagonist. Outcast girl with heavy eye makeup and ‘60s hairstyle.
“Bom, bom bom”-style music by Danny Elfman. “Plink, plink, zap”-style music by Mark Mothersbaugh.
Plot unimportant, there’ll be plenty of “kooky” mishaps and “black” humour. Plot unimportant, though it’s always a precocious boy being precocious and getting the girl in a whimsical fashion. Expect plenty of twee.
Johnny Depp. Bill Murray.

I’m sure the original progenitors of the “become so bad it makes all your old, previously good stuff suck”, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, are looking forward to having a twee addition to their dismal collective.

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